I would like to propose a session in which we explore together the potential for humanities scholarship and teaching in tools emerging from the HTML5 movement. Popcorn (mozilla labs, for example, enables interaction with video as never before. Our project (Remixing Rural Texas: Local Texts, Global Contexts”) utilizes this open source tool to annotate original context of source materials included in three short videos –each remixed almost entirely from existing archival materials and featuring critical race narratives emerging from my research.

Of course the applications for (and implications of) popcorn and other innovations for webmademovies extend far beyond our use. I wish to demo the tool as we are using it and explore with participants a broad range of other uses we might discover together. We are in only the earliest phase ourselves yet eager to explore potential with others.

Three minutes on RRT here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uv4az2sonnI#t=41m56s

I learned of this open source tool for data source annotation less than a month before NEH ODH applications were due and was inspired.

My original inspiration (“Right Wing Radio Duck”)

As I reframed it for RRT:

Remixing the Archives:

I am interested in exploring rich, interactive mechanisms to link locally-driven projects (with national/global significance) with other, similarly local projects across nation–neighborhood storytelling projects (etc).

What might be the potential in digital humanities for a Federal Writers Project 2.0–American Guide Series? (writingdemocracy.org)