This session idea is one that I’ve proposed during THATCamp Austin 2009 and THATCamp Texas 2011, so if it seems semi-familiar, that’s why. In any event, I propose holding a session where we can discuss the challenges of getting students to learn how to approach and engage with technology in a risk-taking and creative manner. I’ve noticed more and more over the past few years that there’s a large disconnect between the popular cultural discourse of “millenials” and their actual tech-savviness, and the reality of how many students are fairly tech-phobic when it comes to new programs, resources, or unfamiliar platforms.

I’d like to discuss what pedagogical approaches, assignment structures, particular resources, or other strategies people have for getting students to become more willing to embrace risk and willingly challenge themselves to learn and master resources with which they are unfamiliar. Moreover, I think it’d be interesting, given the likely academia-heavy audience, to learn what colleges and universities expect of entering students in terms of tech-knowledge. Gaining a sense of these expectations I hope will allow the conversation to address the issue of how secondary school teachers (of which I am one) can help students become more confident and resourceful in navigating and employing the ever-changing landscape of technology.