Tricia Dupew

  • Title / Position: Graduate Student
  • Twitter: @tjdupew

I'm a second-year Master of Arts student at UTA currently working on a thesis in the area of digital narrative and code. I've been a technology nut since long before I became a graduate student, always exploring the way each new thing - from Web 2.0 to the iPad to something as simple as the LiveScribe SmartPen - changes the way people are able to view the world and interact with one another. In my Master's program I've enjoyed taking my exploration to a theoretical level, and it is my hope to continue in this field throughout the remainder of my education and into my professional life. As a former human mage in World of Warcraft, a writer and moderator of fan fiction, and a secondary English teacher, I'm natural driven to discover the intricacies of the rapidly-changing digital world.

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