Johansen Quijano

  • Title / Position: Doctoral Teaching Fellow

I have a B.A. in education with a focus on high school ESL instruction, an MA in language acquisition, an MA on English lit with a lot of coursework focusing on the Caribbean literature (although my thesis is on Blake), and I'm currently doing a Ph.D. in English with a focus on the narrative and rhetoric of digital media. I've done work with videogames, including measuring the effect of videogames on students' attitudes towards language and the effect of games in academic outcomes. More recently I've focused on applying literary techniques to understand game narratives, which has earned me the ire of some of my more purist colleagues. I don't have an opinion on Carr, but he sometimes posts interesting things on his blog. I've only heard of Slavoj once when a colleague recommended his Zizek and Media book, but I didn't care too much for it. A shame I didn't pick it up then, as it's now in one of my comps' reading list. I've never measured my score in Galaga, but I'm pretty sure I can take on anyone of my weight in Dance Dance Revolution. Also, I think that the cake is a lie.

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