Melissa Gonzales

  • Title / Position: Archivist
  • Organization: UTA Special Collections
  • Twitter: @gonzoarchivist

My background in the humanities started at a young age. In fact, I think Wonder Woman is mostly to a good way. Reading Wonder Woman comic books served as an impetus to read more about Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythology, which later led to my interest in history and art. I would later incorporate this interest into my undergraduate education at UT Austin, which is where I discovered archives while working for an art history professor. It took a few years, but I moved to Boston to attend graduate school, and after a few more years, I eventually made my way back to Texas. My personal interests in folklore and mythology still live on, but now I have the lucky job of collecting, preserving and making history accessible to the public. With the onslaught of born-digital materials, I now find myself enrolled in the Society of American Archivist's Digital Archives Specialist Certification program.

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