mike downs

  • Title / Position: Assistant Professor

After a sojourn through the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, I earned my B.A. in history and promptly returned to the Metroplex where I had primarily been raised. Upon my return, I decided to venture into this concept known as the "real world", which usually involves gainful employment, most of which was in construction. Not being fulfilled with this endeavor, I decided to return to the warm, nurturing environs of academia, where I earned a M.A. in History at the University of Texas at Arlington. Currently I am pursuing my Ph.D in transatlantic history. My interests include movies, reading (specifically science fiction /fantasy novels and of course, history), hiking and camping. If ever you have trouble contacting me, I am probably in the great outdoors with my wife, my daughters, and my drum, staring contemplatively into a campfire.

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