Bradley Borougerdi

  • Title / Position: Instructor of History/Graduate Student

I received B.A.s in History and Philosophy, as well as an M.A. in History from UTA and am in the process of my completing my comprehensive exams right now. My interests are varied, but have evolved into cultural exchanges of the 18th and 19th centuries, African Diaspora studies, and revolutions in general. My interests began with Russian history and culture, but I have mainly focused on Atlantic studies in the past couple of years, which I was relatively unfamiliar with (in a scholarly way) before then. I am also becoming very interested in the History of Ideas and Environmental History, which I plan to pursue more after my PhD is complete. My background in technology is very limited. Dr. Garrigus introduced me to zotero, and I obviously know how to use basic functions for Microsoft (Pub., excel, etc.), but I never really masterd google earth, have no facebook account or myspace, do not really even know what twitter is. I did use skype for the first time on New Years Eve to communicate with my wife and kids! However, I know that I really need to spend more time becoming familiar with technology. I have an interest in learning how to be successful in teaching online courses. As for the rest, I am sad to say I have no opinion as of yet about Nicholas Carr but am a big fan of Zizek. My father and I have debated vigorously his philosophical ideas about love, capitalism, and the like; plus I like listening to him speak (I have watch all his youtuve clips!!)

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